Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


February 20, 2018

McLane Company, Inc. has been an early and staunch supporter of WFF’s gender equity initiative as one of the first companies to register for the Women in the Workplace Study.

President and CEO of McLane Company, Inc., Grady Rosier, and President of McLane Foodservice, Inc., Tom Zatina, have also lent incredible support by engaging their industry peers in the Study. But it is yet another member of the McLane leadership team who is spearheading WFF’s LEAD THE WAY gender equity initiative.

Susan Adzick, Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Relationships for McLane Foodservice, Inc., and 2018 Chair of the WFF Board of Directors, is deeply committed to advancing women and has an impressive record as both an industry leader and mentor.

“What I’m most proud of in my career is helping the people I work with broaden their perspectives, develop themselves and open up their horizons,” Adzick said.

As Chair of the WFF Board, a member of the board of the National Restaurant Association and NRA’s Educational Foundation, and member of the board of the Arby’s Foundation, Adzick is an influential leader and role model.

Her focus as 2018 Chair of WFF will be to work with CEOs and other senior executives to find the most effective ways to improve opportunities for women in their organizations. “We are laying the groundwork with strong data about the status of women in our industry and developing and sharing best practices for our colleagues to be successful in attracting, advancing and retaining women leaders,” Adzick said. “Now is the time to move the needle on gender equity in the Food Industry.”

“Susan is the personification of WFF’s values and brings the passion, creativity and acumen we need to usher in this era of unprecedented change,” said Hattie Hill, WFF President & CEO.

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