Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


March 27, 2019

Lead the Way to Gender Equity
Without accurate data, it’s impossible to know where your greatest challenges to recruiting and advancing women lie and where to invest in improvement. That’s why WFF leads the Food Industry’s robust participation in the Women in the Workplace Study by McKinsey & Company and
WFF convened 32 forward-thinking food companies to participate in the Study for the first time in 2017. In 2018, that number grew to 62 companies, making our data set even more robust and empowering almost twice as many companies with significant insights to drive gender equity and business growth.
What you get
There is no cost to participate in this comprehensive study but the benefits are many. You will receive critical insights about your pipeline, HR practices and, if you choose this optional portion, employee attitudes about career advancement, work-life issues and diversity. In connection with WFF’s Gender Equity Index (GEI), you will also be able to track your progress over time and develop effective strategies to increase your ability to attract, hire, retain and advance women and drive business growth.
Participating companies receive a confidential report that benchmarks your organization against others in the Food Industry as a whole, and segmented by distributors, manufacturers and operators. All of your data is kept strictly confidential and only aggregate data used for the Women in the Workplace report.
Your customized report will include:
Talent pipeline data
HR practices and programs benchmarked against peers
Employee Experience Survey (optional but highly recommended)
Solutions with recommendations and best practices to move forward
Who should participate
Based on McKinsey’s data calculation methodology, companies most appropriate for participation will have 400 or more employees with a business focus in the U.S. and Canada. If you choose to participate in the optional (but strongly recommended) Employee Experience Survey, a minimum of 400 employee responses is required which typically means having 1,000 or more employees complete the survey.
Register Today
The sign-up process for the Food Industry is conducted by WFF and open until the end of April, 2019. The Annual Report will be published in October, 2019 and companies will receive their individual reports by year end.
Please contact:
Omemma Gillani at
Manager, Partner, Insights & Research
Tim Johnson at
VP, HR & Organizational Effectiveness

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