Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


January 22, 2019

The opportunity to make strategic connections is one of the most valuable takeaways from attending WFF’s Annual Conference. The vibe is one of mutual support and people at all levels share their time and insights. WFF makes it easy too by building numerous networking activities directly into the schedule.
To make the most of those opportunities, consider putting your phone down. Yes, the Conference app is critical and every once in a while, you may need to check in with the office. But, how can you catch the eye of someone ready to engage in real live conversation if you’re staring at your screen?   
Follow these tips to forge new relationships with people and not your phone.

  • You checked the time and location of your next session, so consider putting your phone away in a place that makes it a little difficult to get to.

  • Resist the urge to use your phone as a social crutch. Make eye contact with someone else standing alone and ask her thoughts about the last session.

  • Start a casual conversation in the refreshments line and then keep the conversation going as you both find a spot to eat and talk.

  • Watch small groups of people already engaged in conversation for a small break in the action and then step up to introduce yourself.

  • If you found a speaker particularly inspiring, stick around while folks linger to ask follow-up questions. With just a few folks left in the room, opportunities bubble up for more personal conversations.

  • Keep your phone out of sight and your eyes up so others can tell you are available for conversation.

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