Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


October 16, 2019

Network with women to grow your career
When professional women gather to build skills, share challenges and inspire each other, they become more effective at breaking through the seen and unseen obstacles that can slow down or derail careers. “Potential is something that grows in groups,” says Shawn Achor whose research shows women rise further and faster together.

It makes sense that women might be more comfortable speaking up and relate more easily to colleagues at a professional conference specifically for women. But research shows the benefits go even further with twice the likelihood of being promoted and triple the chance of landing a 10% or greater pay increase in the year following attendance at a women’s conference.

The dramatic results astounded even the researchers, including Shawn Achor, best-selling author and expert on how happiness contributes to success. Speaking at WFF’s 2018 Leadership Conference, he explained that strong feelings of connection, mutual support and understanding lead to greater achievement.
Increased Connection Improves Outcomes
Achor found women’s professional conferences particularly well poised to build those connections. In an initial study of 2,600 working women across functions and industries attending women’s conferences in several U.S. states, Achor and fellow researchers found 71% of women’s conference attendees “felt more connected to others.”

The researchers examined several outcomes that occurred in the year after the women attended the conference and used a control group of women signed up for a conference but who had not yet attended.

Among those who had not yet attended, 18% received a promotion during the time period studied, compared with 42% of women who had already attended the conference. In other words, in the year after connecting with peers at a women’s conference, the likelihood of receiving a promotion doubled.

In addition, 5% of the women in the control group received a pay increase of more than 10%, compared with 15% of women who had attended the conference. In one year, conference attendees had triple the likelihood of a 10%+ pay increase.
WFF’s Advocacy Community
“Networking with female peers, access to inspiring female role models and content that is directly relevant not only to your industry, but to the unique opportunities and challenges women face in the workplace, is not a luxury,” explains WFF President & CEO Denny Post. “These are critical elements that positively impact a women’s career trajectory.”

Robust professional networks with female colleagues willing to share the ‘inside scoop’ on workplace challenges and examples of women who have made it to the top help others persist in their careers, overcome setbacks and stretch higher.

Informed by research and designed specifically for the professional development needs of women in the Food Industry, WFF’s Leadership Conference provides unique opportunities for women to grow their careers, build strategic networks and meet inspiring role models. WFF’s LIMITLESS 2000 Leadership Conference March 29 to April 1 in Dallas will attract emerging leaders to seasoned executives across diverse segments of the Food Industry.

Connect, Grow, Inspire
More than 3,000 participants will come together to be inspired by thought leaders in conference general sessions. Attendees will also break into smaller groups targeted by career stage for in-depth study across a range of career competencies. They will also gather in Communities of Interest to share experiences around specific topics ranging from building a supportive LGBTQ workplace to being a balanced and bold working mom or seeking your first corporate board seat.

The educational agenda is complemented by Networking with Leaders lunches and Leader’s Corner events where senior industry executives host small-group discussions.

“Women often describe their participation in the WFF Conference as career changing,” Post explains. “It was career changing for me when I first attended 25 years ago. By design and through 30 years of expertise as the Food Industry’s premier women’s leadership development organization, WFF connects women with the content, colleagues and opportunities that open doors and accelerate progress.”

At the same time, WFF engages food companies and senior leaders in research-driven solutions that empower organizations to create the culture, practices and policies that enable women to thrive and all team members to drive business growth.

Keynotes from Diverse Fields
From sports to politics, publishing and strategic communications, the slate of keynote speakers for 2020 is not to be missed. They include:

  • Tina Brown, author, founding editor of The Daily Beast, former editor of Vanity Fair magazine
  • Jill Ellis, former Head Coach of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team
  • Ana Navarro, political strategist and commentator, co-host of ABC’s The View
  • Gretchen Rubin, author of the #1 national best seller, The Happiness Project
  • Abby Wambach, FIFA World Cup Champion, author, highest all-time international male or female soccer goal scorer, co-founder of Wolfpack Endeavor
  • Judy Smith, strategic communications advisor and inspiration for the hit TV series, Scandal
REGISTER today for WFF’s 2020 LIMITLESS Leadership Conference at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas March 29 to April 1.  


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