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September 20, 2018

Create yours at a Leadership Development Workshop  
It can be difficult to find the time and mental bandwidth to step back for a minute and evaluate where you are in your career — and where you want to go. Yet, a career development plan that provides ongoing steps to enhance your skills and knowledge can lead to greater mastery in your current job, promotions and transfers to new positions. A career roadmap can help you get where you’re going faster.
“Too often, the time we devote to personal development is such a small piece of our overall commitments,” explained Marie Perry, immediate past chair of the WFF Board and former EVP and CFO for Jamba Juice. Speaking at WFF’s Dallas Leadership Development Workshop (LDW), Ready to Lead: Strategies to Accelerate Your Career, Perry emphasized the power of off-site personal and professional development.
“At WFF’s Leadership Development Workshops, you get the content to grow your career, make strategic connections and return to your company energized, recharged and ready to advance,” Perry said. Participants leave the one-day, in-market workshops with the building blocks of a 30-day career action plan.
According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), career mapping helps individuals and the entire organization by improving morale, career satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and responsiveness in meeting departmental and organizational objectives. They suggest three steps to creating a personalized career roadmap.
Working with your manager, employees can explore their current level of knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as past experiences, accomplishments and interests. Attendees at WFF’s LDWs get a big leg up on this process with a year-long membership to WFF and access to our online Leadership Competency Assessment (LCA).
Taking the LCA prior to participating in the LDW enables participants to arrive with a solid understanding of strengths and opportunities for growth. You can take the LCA as often as desired throughout the year and discuss results with your manager, a mentor or colleague for additional insights.
Completing the LCA will enable you to create a gap analysis as you identify the skills you need to gain or enhance to move closer to your career goals.
Individualized career map
An individualized career map can help you identify positions within your organization that meet your interests, including both promotions and lateral moves that expand your skill set.
“During the LDWs, participants begin their career roadmaps by identifying specific actions they can take immediately, as well as in the following weeks and months, based on learnings and insights from the workshop,” said Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., psychologist, best-selling author and co-leader of the workshops. “Identifying those action steps while you are still engaged in the learning environment enhances commitment and follow through.”
Exploring new opportunities
Finally, SHRM suggests raising your hand for new job opportunities within your organization as they arise. Forging connections with people in your chosen field, especially those with positions you hope to hold, can be immensely helpful in career planning and positioning you for new opportunities.
“Too many people are over-networked and under-connected,” explained LDW co-leader and career success strategist Katrina McGhee. “It’s not about collecting business cards. It’s about connecting with people in mutually beneficial relationships that help to enhance one another’s experience.”
Get the support you need to create a personalized career roadmap at a Leadership Development Workshop near you. You don’t have to navigate your path to success alone. REGISTER NOW.

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