Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


January 22, 2019

The magic of gender diversity in driving stronger business results is that it enables companies to tap into a broader range of skill sets and perspectives. Except when it doesn’t. To access and reap the rewards of a gender-diverse workplace, all employees must feel that they belong and that their contributions are valued. They need to feel included.
A key area for exploration at our 2019 Conference will be Inclusive Culture: From the C-Suite to the Front Lines, Inclusion Drives Results. Content will be targeted to each Leadership Cohort: Directors, Managers and Executives.
“I approach creating a culture that is inclusive and productive first from a point of personal transformation,” explains Amir Ghannad, founder of The Ghannad Group consultants on culture transformation and the speaker for the Director Leadership Cohort.
“My goal is not so much to teach you new information, but to help you discover the hidden things holding you back from taking full advantage of the resources available to you to be more fulfilled and successful and create a culture where everyone else can experience that as well,” Ghannad added.
Executive coach, author and leadership expert Libby Gill will guide the Manager Leadership Cohort, connecting the dots between personal accountability and organizational success, showing you how to inspire and influence others, even if you are not yet in a position of direct authority.
“Early in your career, it can be intimidating to reach out to others, but that is one of the most effective first steps to nurturing an inclusive culture from any position — literally inviting others into relationship with you,” Gill says. “Building those connections in a small, trusted circle can also empower you to launch honest conversations about the organization climate and culture and help move it toward greater inclusivity.”
Guiding the Executive Leadership Cohort, Anne Loehr, sought-after author and speaker helps senior executives create authentic relationships shaped by courage and respect and develop transformational leadership that can increase employee retention and drive a healthy bottom line. She will help participants develop an action plan for retaining women leaders by making their organizations great places for women to succeed. 

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