Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


October 7, 2019

Learn to connect, communicate, lead at one-day workshops
Many of the skills that women tend to excel at in the workplace are exceptionally well suited to leading people. “Women tend to be especially strong communicators and highly adept at reading behavioral signals that help us translate the subtext inherent in human interactions,” explains Colette Carlson, human behavior expert and founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc.
“Those skills are critical to building rapport, forging strong human connections and motivating and inspiring others to achieve shared goals,” Carlson adds. A co-presenter of the 2019 WFF Leadership Development Workshop, Elevate Your Game, just launched in eight U.S. cities, Carlson will help LDW participants:

  • Increase your power in asking for what you need to succeed
  • Engage in challenging conversations and express feedback to build trust and consensus
  • Use your voice to influence and impact others
“Women have a strong advantage when they leverage their ability to connect authentically, read what’s going on at the table beyond the conversation and model effective communication,” Carlson says. She and co-presenter Anne Grady, an expert on emotional intelligence and resilience and President & Founder of the Anne Grady Group, lead the one-day, in-market workshops.  
Connecting communication and leadership
Research published in the International Journal of Management and Business Studies in 2015 highlights the robust body of knowledge linking strong communication skills with effective leadership. “It is a manager’s communication skills which motivate and inspire teammates to work hard and achieve team targets and organizational goals as well,” the study states.
The research estimates that managers spend 70-90% of the average work day communicating with their teams.
“The ability to really pay attention to team members and colleagues, and having an awareness of the relational dynamics surrounding you, are rare qualities that help others feel valued and that strengthen workplace connections and enhance problem-solving,” Carlson adds.
Authenticity builds rapport
Being candid and straight-forward builds trust and appropriate sharing of vulnerabilities strengthens rapport in personal and professional settings.
Carlson points to a powerful moment working with a client at an off-site meeting to celebrate a highly successful year for the organization. The president congratulated the team on the strong successes and then pivoted to share business concerns that were weighing on his mind. “Every phone went down and every head went up,” Carlson says. “He engaged people through his vulnerability and authenticity. He did not over-share or compromise his influence, but he stated personal concerns and insights that made people want to work harder to meet shared goals.”
“The more aware you become of your own communication style, how to deal with emotions effectively in the workplace and how to listen to the stated and unstated messages of others, the more you will grow your leadership impact and potential,” Carlson says.
  • Expand your resilience as a leader
  • Improve communication to further your career and ability to lead
  • Continue your engagement and connections with other professional women

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