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June 3, 2019

Master resilience and communication at 2019 Leadership Development Workshops
There are specific competencies you can hone to perform better in your current role and prepare for the next promotion. Then, there are the skills and habits that are so foundational to workplace (and life) success, that mastering them often makes the difference between a career that soars and one that gets grounded.
Launch your journey to mastering these career- and life-changing skills when you join WFF for our powerful one-day 2019 Leadership Development Workshop: Elevate Your Game in seven cities this fall.
“We’ll go deep on the power of resilience and communication and help you build practical skills in both areas, and provide abundant opportunities to network with colleagues,” said Libby Wright, Chief Operating Officer of WFF.  “We know from research that these are competencies that can accelerate career advancement.”
You’ll leave the day with the skills and tools to:

  • Expand your resilience as a leader
  • Improve communication to further your career and ability to lead
  • Build connections with other professional women
Getting in the habit
“Your mindset is a habit and you can deliberately and strategically give yourself better habits around how you view failure and challenge and your ability to bounce back from it,” explains Anne Grady, LDW co-presenter, President & Founder of the Anne Grady Group and expert on emotional intelligence and resilience.
When you get passed up for promotion, suffer a setback or wonder why someone else is climbing the career ladder more quickly, the strength of your resilience muscle will determine how you view that information and how you use it,” she says.
Practicing the skills and behaviors of resilience and modeling them for others leads to higher levels of engagement, better customer service and better safety records. A large study by Aetna found that helping employees build resilience and reduce stress had a direct impact on the bottom line by improving health, productivity and decision making.
Grady advises that resilience is not a personality trait but a set of skills, habits and behaviors that you can cultivate, practice and hone.  In this session, you will learn how to:
  • Assess your current level of resilience
  • Implement a variety of skills to adopt a resilience and growth mindset
  • Create an action plan to use these new skills to improve emotional regulation, cultivate courage and grit, manage stress and better approach failure and adversity
Connect and communicate
Hand-in-hand with building resilience is the ability to build connection with others through meaningful communication. “Effective communication is a combination of showing up, stepping up and speaking up,” says Colette Carlson, LDW co-presenter, human behavior expert and Founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc.
“Learning to leverage your language allows you to gain the recognition, respect and rewards you deserve while remaining true to your authentic self and maintaining respectful connections,” she says. “Showing up prepared bolsters your confidence to ask clearly and directly for what you need to succeed.”
Too often, communication workshops focus simply on adding polish rather than on the real guts of the key messages that need to be shared in the workplace. Carlson dives into how to handle yourself effectively in the sometimes awkward, uncomfortable situations around giving and receiving feedback, holding someone accountable or being held accountable.
“How you come through in these challenging conversations will help determine how others see your leadership potential,” Carlson says. You will learn how to:
  • Connect with others on a personal and emotional level
  • Use effective language and phrases to launch and lead challenging conversations
  • Get to your main points quickly and clearly
  • Share your successes in ways that build respect and recognition
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