Accelerating the Advancement of Women Leaders 


December 12, 2018

Attending a major professional conference can feel a little like drinking from a firehose; so much great information and so many opportunities come at you so quickly it can be difficult to take it all in. If only there were someone to walk the journey with you, put new learnings into a larger context, encourage professional connection and link your goals to research-driven content. No worries — WFF has your back!
At the 2019 Annual Leadership Development Conference (March 10-13 in Dallas) professional facilitators will embed within every Leadership Cohort (managers, directors and executives) to increase connection, interaction and learning. 
“One of the most exciting aspects of WFF’s facilitated Leadership Cohort experience is the opportunity to dialogue about the content in real time,” explained Anna Liotta, generational leadership expert and 2019 Conference Leadership Cohort facilitator. “This will create closer shared experiences among participants, provide opportunities to customize content to participant needs and enable attendees to return home with vetted learnings they can apply immediately.”
The 2019 Conference, LIMITLESS: Drive Solutions – Accelerate Growth is driven by extensive research into the skills women need at all career stages to move beyond obstacles and accelerate progress. We are also tapping the research to deliver content in new ways that increase engagement with peers, access to industry leaders and opportunities to relate new insights to existing challenges in real time.
“As facilitators, we will actively engage participants during learning sessions to link theory and practice,” Liotta said. “The approach is very participant-centered and provides avenues for attendees to process what they’re learning in multiple ways.”
Individuals early in their careers will benefit from greater guidance and support in making connections beyond their own organizations. More senior leaders will enjoy two-way strategic conversations that link speaker content and focus to attendee needs.
Connect more easily, more deeply
“A critical benefit of this approach is that we are creating the framework and the processes for people to engage more deeply,” said Marilyn Sherman, motivational speaker, leadership consultant and Conference facilitator. “We will involve people in purposeful situations where they can explore outside of their comfort zones with meaningful support. This is important for all leaders and offers unique benefits to more introverted professionals who sometimes find themselves on the outer edges of a conference trying to find their way in,” Sherman said.
“We will also provide a wide variety of ways to interact with the content that will resonate with different learning styles,” Sherman added.  “Participants might journal about an aspect of the content and then share that with a peer or they might prepare a brief teach-back for others in their group. All of these experiences provide opportunities to engage more deeply and to enable people with various skill sets to access learnings in ways that speak most effectively to them.”

Greater ROI for employers
Providing diverse ways for attendees to learn, digest and articulate research-driven content will also better equip them to share learnings when they return to work.
“If all you have are pages of notes and no framework for turning them into specific actions steps back at work, it is harder to create meaningful links between a conference experience and the workplace,” Sherman said. “As professional facilitators, we’ll engage attendees in consistent methods for evaluating what they’re learning and exploring how it relates to current challenges in their organization.”
Access to leaders
With industry executives also embedded within the Leadership Cohorts, participants will also enjoy greater opportunity to engage with role models. “We will help create structured engagement with leaders that will make those connections even more worthwhile and inspiring,” Liotta said.
“So much is new in important and meaningful ways at the 2019 Conference that I encourage participants to show up with an open mind to see how exciting and career-changing this can be,” Liotta said.

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