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September 20, 2018

New features highlight 2019 Conference
The theme for the 2019 Annual Leadership Development Conference had to be LIMITLESS! We couldn’t be confined by preconceived notions, business-as-usual or the limits of history as we take you in important new directions for our 30th Anniversary Celebration and boldly embrace your LIMITLESS future!
Here’s just a small taste of what’s coming and what’s new at the 2019 Annual Leadership Development Conference:
Global Impact of Women
Included in your registration is additional content beginning Sunday, March 10 with our first ever Global Impact of Women session and reception. We will hear from women leading the Food Industry around the world and explore the growing global economic impact of women, as well as emerging opportunities.
Leadership Cohorts
Equipped with extensive research that shows the skills most critical to women’s advancement at various career stages, we have blown up the old model of choosing classes from column A and column B. In 2019, highly intentional Leadership Cohorts will provide deeper engagement with colleagues as you move together through coursework developed specifically for individuals at your professional level.
When you register, you will be matched with a Leadership Cohort that will become your home base and team of colleagues throughout this immersive experience. Your cohort will turn a large conference into a smaller, more personal learning community. When you start a conversation with a colleague over breakfast, you will have a chance to follow it up in sessions you attend together in the afternoon.
Industry faculty will even embed with your Cohort to help you build connections, connect the dots between theory and practice and serve as powerful role models. You won’t just see industry leaders on the main stage — a senior executive will be dedicated to your cohort throughout your conference journey. You will even participate in Q&A sessions with industry leaders and get the inside story from senior executives.
Each Leadership Cohort will explore three critical, data-driven topics in greater depth with information tailored to the needs of your career stage:

  • Resilience & Risk Taking: The Role of Confidence and Ambition in Career Success
  • The Bottom Line: How Profit & Loss Experience Drives Advancement at All Levels
  • Inclusive Culture: From the C-Suite to the Front Lines, Inclusion Drives Results
Solutions 360
Based on your feedback, we are also providing new content around holistic leadership, bringing you the latest information on personal wellbeing related to health, finances, relationships, professional success and community contribution. You will get expert advice and then get to break it down in facilitator-led discussions following the educational sessions.
This is just a sneak peek . . . learn more and REGISTER to secure your spot in this history-making, career-changing event.

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