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Membership in the WFF gives you access to the tools and resources you need to shape your career development, we call them the 3 C’s: Content, Competencies & Connections. You’ll find out more about these below. But first, we’d like to tell you how some of our members have leveraged the WFF in their careers – read on!

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The WFF offers members opportunities to develop your leadership skills and transform your career – All year long. All career long. For just $99 a year, membership grants you access to our Leadership Competency Assessment tool – to help you identify the leadership skills you need to focus on. You also gain access to our membership database, providing you the strategic connections you need to succeed. And, only for members, the WFF’s Career Center offers a variety of tools to help you manage your career. WFF Membership – it’s all about ACCESS!

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Accelerate Your Career with WFF

The experiences you have that help shape your leadership skills. Every WFF program, event or service provides you with the opportunity to gain the experiences necessary to develop your personal “Content”.
WFF 12 Core Leadership Competencies, the foundation for all WFF program content development. Research-based, these leadership competencies provide you the opportunity to look ahead and discover what kinds of behaviors you will need to master.
Transformational Relationships. By being a part of the WFF community, you have the opportunity to create strategic connections with other members across all segments of our industry. Members have access to our rich database of people just like Jill and Bonnie.

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