Core Leadership Competencies

Competency models provide a clear roadmap for performance for individuals all along their career path. The Women's Foodservice Forum, in partnership with Batrus Hollweg International, researched and designed a competency model that is as the very heart of the WFF's programs and service offerings. As a member of the foodservice industry, you can use this model to:
  •     Look ahead and discover what kinds of behaviors you will need to master throughout your career
  •     Spark discussions about your development and development planning
  •     Stimulate reflection and insight about your career and what it will take to be successful
  •     Better understand the kinds of experiences you might want to seek out in order to set you up for success
So we encourage you to start today. Click on one of the icons below to learn more and determine how to best to engage with the information as you seek to elevate yourself or those around you!
WFF Core Leadership Competencies
Business and Financial AcumenBusiness and Financial Acumen – Analyzes financial data to gain critical insight into key business drivers, adjusting strategy when appropriate.

Strategic Thinking/VisioningStrategic Thinking/Visioning – Establishes and implements strategic initiatives that facilitate the growth and success of the business.

Awareness and InsightAwareness and Insight – Assesses one’s own abilities, understands how actions impact perceptions and effectively maneuvers the culture, climate and politics of the organization at all levels.

Driving for ResultsDriving for Results – Relentlessly pursues quantifiable and measurable results; identifies areas for improvement and executes changes as necessary.

Building TrustBuilding Trust – Builds strong relationships on a foundation of trust, loyalty, and authenticity.


Risk TakingRisk Taking – Effectively analyzes risk factors and potential consequences, taking action to realize goals.

InitiativeInitiative – Proactively seeks new opportunities and challenges; takes ownership and accountability for enhancing results or minimizing problems.

Coaching and Mentoring OthersCoaching and Mentoring Others – Supports the growth of others by providing regular feedback, fostering connections and formulating individualized development plans.

Communication and ListeningCommunication and Listening – Encourages open and honest communication with the team, communicates messages clearly and concisely and listens attentively to others.

Influence and DiplomacyInfluence and Diplomacy – Utilizes a rational appeal and a convincing business case to influence others and gain organizational support; builds and leverages interdependent relationships with key stakeholders.

Building High-Performance TeamsBuilding High-Performing Teams – Recruits and retains high-performing talent, sets high standards for performance and ultimately creates a collaborative culture.
Building NetworksBuilding Networks – Builds strong relationships with peers and partners, cultivating meaningful connections.