WFF Volunteering

Volunteering with WFF

Did you know that 95% of volunteers recommend WFF’s Volunteer Development program as an effective way to build their network and leadership skills? Whether you’re focused on developing a specific competency, building your strategic connections or simply want to share your expertise to support our mission, we have a volunteer opportunity to fit your needs and the time you have to invest.

Over 600 WFF members are engaged with us as volunteers. They are leading strategic initiatives, delivering world class programming and supporting our strategic imperatives to advance women leaders.

We are committed to helping you align your development goals with volunteer opportunities that meet your unique needs. Simply complete the Leadership Competency Assessment (LCA) to identify the competency you want to develop and visit Volunteer Central to explore the opportunities that are right for you! In Volunteer Central, you can view and apply for project work, micro-volunteering, committee work and more; all at your convenience, 24/7/365.

Our volunteer program is designed to facilitate learning from WFF leaders, peers and industry executives. Volunteer today and make a world of opportunities become a reality for you and your career.

Questions about volunteering? Check out our FAQ or contact us.