New Partners

Join the 200+ Leading Foodservice Companies who Partner with WFF

Becoming a WFF partner signals employees, potential employees and the industry at large that your organization is an organization that supports gender diverse leadership teams and talent development.

Partnering with WFF demonstrates your commitment to developing leaders, supporting gender diverse teams and helps you attract and retain talented women to your business.

Plus, by being part of this community, you create strategic connections with companies across all different segments within our industry. WFF creates connections that are not transactional, but transformational. Interact with industry executives and create life-long connections that will enrich your personal capital and your organizations business.


With tailored partnership opportunities, WFF can provide your company with outstanding brand visibility, leadership development resources and an opportunity to position your company within our industry as an organization that supports gender diversity and inclusion.

Your contribution is vital to the WFF's mission to develop and deliver best in class programming, engage over 100,000 women and men in our industry and develop a pipeline of talent. Your support will ensure the foodservice industry remains "an industry of choice" today and in the future.

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