Snapshot of WFF

Snapshot of the Women’s Foodservice Forum

About Us: The WFF is the premier leadership development organization for advancing women in the foodservice industry. For more than 20 years, WFF has been delivering content, developing competence, and building connections that drive growth for individuals as well as organizations in the foodservice industry.
WFF serves more than 9,000 women and men across all sectors of the foodservice industry including operations, manufacturing, distribution, suppliers, publishing, and more.
Our Mission: We exist to advance women leaders, driving growth for individuals and organizations.
How We Do It: WFF advances leaders by using fact-based insights and expert leadership perspectives to develop highly effective content. WFF offers year-round products and services for emerging leaders, emerging executives and executives.
In addition to helping organizations develop their employees, WFF drives growth in the industry by helping organizations understand and capitalize on the benefits of advancing women leaders to top positions such as an improved profitability and enhanced innovation.

Who Supports Us: More than 150 leading foodservice companies actively partner with WFF, contributing to a shared vision of strengthening the foodservice industry by attracting and developing talent. Partnering with these leading organizations, WFF works to make foodservice an industry of choice, both now and into the future.

Your Support Matters.

For more than 20 years, WFF has worked with industry leaders to bring research-proven tools, training and strategic connections to those who aspire to grow their foodservice leadership skills and careers. With the help of our Partners, we’ve developed a robust program whose success is proven. With your support, we’ll continue to deliver world-class products, develop today’s industry leaders, and drive business results for your company.
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