Why Partner with WFF

Elevating Employees

People Development:

In addition to our in-person leadership development and virtual educational programming, we have significant initiatives in place designed to help women and men develop their leadership competencies all year long.

WFF provides leadership training that can prepare the women – and men in your organization.

WFF has become the "go-to" resource in the industry for leadership development that augments or provides an organization's development training. At the core of everything we do are 12 core leadership competencies. Created through a robust research process led by foodservice executives, these behaviorally-based competencies provide a roadmap for success for women and men in the industry.

We serve leaders at all levels – emerging leaders through the executive ranks. With research-driven competency-based programming, we give women the tools they need to hone their skills and evaluate their progress.

By becoming WFF members, your employees can benefit from outstanding educational opportunities all year long – and all career long – to build essential leadership development skills to advance in your organization and contribute to your success.

WFF helps leading foodservice companies attract more talented women for their organizations – and the industry.

What was once the right thing to do has now become a business imperative for the foodservice industry.

Talented women leaders change the work environment for the better.

They drive retention and productivity. They deliver improved financial results. They deepen and broaden the talent pool.

At a time when women continue to enter the industry in significantly large numbers, women are being left behind in leadership.

Positions ChartLeading foodservice companies understand the need for diversity of talent and seek different voices at their leadership table. They challenge their employees to be open to the perspectives and experiences that difference brings to the business. And they make gender-diverse leadership not just a strategy but a part of their culture.

WFF partners with these companies as the only organization addressing the need to attract, develop, and retain diverse, well-educated and prepared women for our industry.