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Membership in the WFF Gives You Access to the Tools
and Resources You Need to Shape Your Career Development.

What We Do LCA Online and free to WFF members, the Leadership Competency Assessment Tool is recommended to be used annually as a part of your developmental planning process. By taking the assessment, you and your supervisor can identify specific areas of leadership development to focus on. Then you can identify which of the following virtual or live programs will best assist you with your own development.
What We Do Success Talks The WFF truly believes that one of the greatest assets to advance your career is having exposure to the stories and strategies of great leaders. This is the driving force behind our ongoing series of virtual events, entitled Success Talks. Available On Demand, our Success Talks webinars are divided between Lessons with Legendary Leaders™ featuring notable industry executives who share inspirational personal stories from their careers and Skill-Building episodes led by professional thought-leaders. Click here for on-demand episodes!
What We Do Annual Leadership Dev The WFF’s Annual Leadership Development Conference is renowned throughout the industry for being the one event where you can get an unparalleled combination of skill-building workshops, inspirational sessions and an opportunity to build strategic connections at any level of your career. This four day conference offers individualized educational programming for every member of your organization.
What We Do Executive Summit Over the past decade, the WFF Executive Summit has become preeminent for being the single event in the industry that brings together an elite group of executives from all segments of foodservice. This three day annual meeting features nationally renowned professors from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and includes foodservice industry and business icons as keynote speakers.
What We Do Canadian Flag The WFF has continued to grow in Canada with great support of WFF programs, events and opportunities to develop and hone critical business skills and competencies. The most successful Canadian events are Leadership Roundtables, which include the same content found at a Regional Connect, but incorporate industry leaders as table leaders to facilitate table discussions. Be sure to look for a WFF event coming to your province.
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Montreal, QC
  • Toronto, ON
  • Vancouver, BC
What We Do Connect Like Minded Launched in 2011, WFF Communities of Interest provide an opportunity for leaders in our industry to connect with other individuals with similar needs or interests. The communities began at our Annual Leadership Development Conference and have grown from a single event to a year-round platform for resources, connections and leadership development. WFF members are encouraged to engage in one or more of the seven communities: Caregivers, LGBTA, International Mobility, Military Families, Women of Color, Working Parents and Young Professionals. 
What We Do WFF Career Center We have made the 2018 ALDC Presentations available for view and download.