Who We Are

WFF Mission

We exist to advance women leaders, driving growth for individuals and organizations.

WFF is the foodservice industry's premier Leadership Development resource.

Established in 1989, the WFF has been the go to resource for individuals to build skills, expand knowledge and broaden perspectives (personal Content) through meaningful strategic Connections, so they can reach their full potential and accelerate their career growth.

Through years of research, the WFF has developed the 12 Core Leadership Competencies that are the foundation of all program content development. With highly effective live and virtual events, the WFF provides the leadership development training needed to make a positive difference in the careers of women and men.

The WFF serves individuals and organizations in all segments of the industry including operations, manufacturing, distribution, publishing, consulting, and more.

The result is a high-functioning, professional organization designed to develop leaders, drive business results for their companies - and the industry as a whole.