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Developing Women Leaders
By providing unmatched leadership development content for women in their organizations, WFF helps Partners build their talent pipelines. Extensive year-long, career-long opportunities to learn, network and grow ensure women develop the leadership skills that will enable companies to create sustainable traction around gender equity.
Sharing Learnings To Accelerate Progress
Our Partners are committed to building and implementing proven solutions that interrupt bias and build stronger environments where all team members can flourish. WFF provides a robust conduit that enables Partners to collaborate with peers around shared learnings and, together, unlock solutions more quickly.
Leading Industry Change
Progressing on their unique gender equity journeys, WFF Partners serve as role models that inspire and lead others on the culture and policy initiatives that accelerate women’s advancement. As they build more inclusive workplaces, they also enhance their competitive position in attracting and retaining top talent. These early adopters are leading the way for the Food Industry to become the employer of choice.   

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