Building Networks - Expanding & Strengthening Your Networks

This one-hour interactive session will reframe the traditional view of networking (i.e., a social event with uncomfortable small talk) into more a doable give-and-take process that yields important information and connections. Participants will identify their three types of networks—operational, personal and strategic—and walk away with a list of people they want to add to their networks to continue expanding and strengthening them.

  • Think of networking as something that involves giving and asking, rather than attending an often painful and unproductive social event.
  • Understand that being a savvy giver—someone who gives wisely of their time—can lead to career success. 
  • Realize that this new kind of networking is something they can easily do. 
  • Understand that everyone has 3 types of networks—operational, personal and strategic.  
  • Have a list of people who are in each of their networks.  
  • Understand that people with whom they have weak ties usually have valuable information and connections that their strong ties don’t have.  
  • Have a list of people and types of people they want to add to their networks and suggestions on how to do that.  
  • Have a list of people they want to strengthen their connections with and how to do that. 
  • Have the experience of asking for help to make new connections. 
  • Have the experience of giving names and ideas to others on how to make new connections.  
  • Realize that exchanging information doesn’t take long to do. Have a plan for immediate action to bolster one or more of their networks.

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