Reinvigorate your career for the next step on your journey

In the midst of tumult, it can be tempting to keep your head down, maintain the status quo and avoid any further disruption. That’s understandable, for a time. But emerging from a period of tremendous volatility also presents an outstanding opportunity to reassess where you are and where you want to go.
Knowing that “normal” may never be defined quite the same way again, and with living proof that you are more resourceful, creative and resilient than you may have thought possible, it’s time to reenergize for your future.  
A great way to reignite your momentum is by registering for the 2021 WFF Leadership Development Workshops (LDWs), Renewed Purpose. Renewed You. launching this September streaming live and in-person in select locations.
Seeing the light ahead
In Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to reenergize organizations for the long run, McKinsey & Company advise embracing “bounded optimism.” Their message is less about returning to normal, and more about accepting current realities and seeing the potential to be even better than before. That means approaching your career and workplace with inspiration and hope, tempered by reality.
The same advice applies to managing your career. “This is our time to take the initiative, understand the value we bring to our organizations and continue to shine as powerful, capable women,” explains Dima Ghawi, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach who will share her daring personal story of shattering limitations as she leads the LDW session, Taking Your Career to the Next Level.
Stepping up to what’s next
Drawing on her personal experience of escaping confinement, crossing continents and transforming her life’s purpose, Ghawi will inspire you to identify and pursue goals outside your comfort zone. She will lead participants on a high-impact journey through three topics that are essential for professional advancement: Leadership, Personal Branding and Confidence.
Leadership involves a process of self-discovery to understand your strengths and areas for development and an ability to exert influence regardless of your title or position within the org chart, Ghawi says. “Being a leader isn’t just about a title, it’s about continuing your own development and helping others to rise.”
The focus on branding will include both your physical and digital presence and how to create a strong personal brand, communicate it effectively and continue to evolve it.
Finally, in homing in on confidence, Ghawi will help attendees identify and capitalize on the elements and ingredients that help them rise personally and professionally, as well as how to manage or avoid those that tend to hold you back.
Choosing your season
If you are itching to take your career to the next level, but haven’t been sure what step to take next, attending the LDWs may be exactly the direction you need. Expert speakers with deep business expertise will help you energize your professional development while health care experts will empower you with skills to safeguard and increase your personal well-being.
Even if you feel uncertain about making a major career push right now (perhaps needing this time to focus on family, health or personal concerns) that does not mean an end to growth. It is still critical to stay updated in your discipline and industry, maintain and continue to build your network and tap into easily accessed virtual learning resources through WFF Connect.
“There is a greater understanding today of the unique value that women and diverse team members bring to the table,” Ghawi says. “We must continue to help ourselves and other women advance into leadership and position ourselves for these critical roles. When you stretch, you are not only helping to expand your own career and your own future, but you become a role model and open doors for those right behind you.”
Whether your next step will be incremental or massive, this moment provides a unique opportunity to reimagine your best future and activate for your journey in the most effective ways to get you there. REGISTER today for the 2021 Leadership Development Workshops and find your Renewed Purpose. Renewed You.

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