Select Early To Mid-Career Women Named “Change Makers,” Tapped To Help Shape The Food Industry

Dallas (February 5, 2019) –  Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF), the national thought-leader on gender equity solutions in the food industry, believes that growth in the industry depends on advancing the next generation of leaders, and that winning the war for talent means winning the war for women. 
Driving those efforts, WFF will recognize a notable group of the food industry’s rising stars as Change Makers, part of WFF's 30th Anniversary Celebration during the 2019 Annual Leadership Development Conference, March 10-13 in Dallas. 
A Living Laboratory For Women's Advancement  
In addition to celebrating the women at conference, WFF will also actively engage Change Makers at the event and then with touchpoints throughout 2019. 
The women will participate in ongoing research surveys and focus groups tracking their career goals and trajectories. This will help WFF identify key factors that influence success early in a woman's career and provide participating companies with greater insight into how to most effectively support the development of young women leaders. 
Change Makers will also receive permanent membership in WFF, allowing access to mentorship opportunities, plus tools to advance their careers and expand their network. 
On site at conference, the early-career leaders will have unique access to some of the industry’s most influential leaders and C-suite executives, including major-brand CEOs recently named Industry Titans by WFF for their work in their own corporations driving gender equity. Change Makers are part of an unprecedented full-circle approach with WFF’s Industry Titans Leading the Way. 
Nominated by her employer, a Change Maker is a woman early in her career who is already driving strong business results, exemplifies inclusive leadership and is seen as a future industry leader. 
“As WFF launches its next 30 years of advancing women, and with a growing body of research that makes clear the value of women’s contributions to the workplace and to driving stronger business growth, this is an especially important time to nurture our next generation of leaders who will guide the food industry to its bright future,” said Hattie Hill, WFF President & CEO. 
When women do better, we all do better. 
For more information about the Change Makers, or about WFF's 30 years of advancing women leaders in the food industry, visit

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