You Call the Shots with Self-Directed Learning

Here’s a tough truth: you’ve already risen as high as your current knowledge and skills will take you. The next step requires growth — expanding your skills, connecting with new perspectives and applying new learnings to drive success. As legendary leadership expert and author of more than 70 books, Brian Tracy, says, “Any progress you make from this moment onward will require that you learn and practice something new.” Perfect, the time is right for learning.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat to accelerate advancement
That aha moment when new learning clicks into place can be so invigorating and rewarding that it leaves you wanting more. Learning something new actually causes your brain to increase the number of synapses between neurons so you can process information more quickly. It also supercharges your career by preparing you for new opportunities.
“Aspiring and high-potential leaders commit to life-long learning and take control of their learning and development process,” explains Pamela Brown-Matthis, Director of Learning & Development for Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF). “They set goals around their personal and professional development and seek out the resources that will help them advance.”
A powerful new resource for targeted learning and meaningful networking is now available to WFF members with the launch of the new WFF Connect portal.
At a distance, not alone
Although WFF Connect provides invaluable resources to members and Partner companies throughout the year, it is an especially crucial tool now while many people are working remotely. It reflects more than a year of research with WFF members and Partners about what learners need and the curricula to best support women’s advancement.
The comprehensive content is delivered by subject matter experts, tailored to all career stages from emerging leaders to executives, and catalogued by links to the 12 WFF Leadership Competencies.
Content can be used independently or in facilitator-led Lunch and Learns, coaching sessions and small group discussions online or in person. The entire experience takes place, as with all WFF events and resources, within the supportive WFF community that helps women rise together.
Self-directed learning 
Independent or self-directed learning offers huge benefits around convenience, access to far more content than might be available in person and, most importantly, the ability to fine-tune your learning to your needs and goals.  

Users start by completing the WFF Leadership Self-Assessment (LSA) on WFF Connect to evaluate current skills and identify opportunities for growth. LSA results inform and direct your personal development plan that draws from WFF Connect content to close identified skills gaps. Users and their supervisors also use LSA results to drive individual goal setting.
Deep engagement
Whether you sat in a formal classroom as recently as last year or more than two decades ago, self-directed learning differs substantially from in-class experiences directed by an instructor. You will enjoy a lot more flexibility but must also take greater responsibility for learning and direct your own journey.
Get ready to learn
WFF Connect empowers learners with the resources to develop new skills at the time and location that makes most sense for them, and access to strategic networking. That’s a powerful combination any day of the week; it’s an especially robust combination to leverage during this unique and challenging time in our shared history.
Consider these suggestions as you dive into WFF Connect.
  • Assess current learning needs by completing the WFF Leadership Self-Assessment and seeking input from your boss, colleagues and mentors. 
  • Articulate desired outcomes and set SMART goals to reach them.
  • Set aside specific time in a quiet place to immerse yourself in the content.
  • Explain learnings to others and apply them in real life to demonstrate mastery.
  • Share the learning process to increase your understanding and support the development of team members and colleagues.  
  • Access the networking benefits of WFF Connect to engage with peers, mentors and role models across the Food Industry.

Dive in today to start learning and growing on your schedule, at your pace, for your future.

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