Complimentary monthly virtual events

Dedicate an hour every month to work on YOU! Join WFF and an inspiring expert speaker to discuss a professional or personal development topic that will help elevate your career. These complimentary events help propel women forward on their career journey and offer real-time solutions to real-life problems.


Wednesday, August 24, 12pm-1pm CT

Mental Fitness – The X Factor

Featuring Linda Roszak Burton             Linda-Roszak-Burton-HS_Zoom.jpg  

The way you think either supports peak performance, healthy relationships, and well-being or hinders all aspects of life. This program explores the principles of Mental Fitness (Positive Intelligence™) based on research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and gratitude. By identifying your Saboteurs (reoccurring self-sabotaging thought patterns), you can learn to shift to a different part of the brain, your Sage Brain, and generate one of five Sage responses that produce positive emotions like curiosity, empathy, gratitude, creativity, calm, and clear-headed focused action even in the most difficult and challenging times.


Wednesday, September 21, 12pm-1pm CT

Critical Conversations

Featuring Sandra Tibbs        Sandra-Tibbs-(1).jpg

Learning how to give feedback effectively is one of the most important things a leader can do, yet it is not always easy. It is also essential for leaders to create a culture where people feel comfortable giving them feedback. During this interactive session, you will learn strategies to provide feedback that results in behavior changes while maintaining relationships. You will also learn how you can create an environment in which people want to give you honest feedback and how you can use it to grow and develop as a leader.


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